Forek Institute of Technology is an Artisan Training and Development private college that has vast experience in skills development and Trade Testing. Forek institute of Technology is  accredited by NAMB to offer Trade Test in the three mentioned Trades {Electrician, Plumber and Welder}.With the growing concerns by the government of shortage of artisans the college is critically developing an Artisan Development college which specializes in Occupational Trades Qualifications, Skills Programmes, Trade Test Preparations and Trade Testing.

Forek is Also accredited as outlined below:

  • MERSETA                                                          : 17-QA/ACC/1445/18
  • UMALUSI                                                           : 19 FET02 00172 PA
  • CETA                                                                   : 6R65307
  • MICT SETA                                                        : ACC/2011/08/571
  • SSETA                                                                 : Provider approval number 9773
  • QCTO                                                                   : SDP1225/17/03 & SDP1225/17/00302
  • PSETA                                                                 : P21/09/14/MP532
  • AGRISETA                                                         : ACC/2011/08/571

Our college has gained high recognition and trust by rendering training services to various clients such as Government Institution and private companies.