1  EXAM CENTRE NUMBER 0699990670
2 DHET 2012/FE07/003



UMALUSI 19 FET02 00172 PA




a)     Boiler Making

b)    Fitter and Turner

c)     Electrical Engineering

d)    Motor Mechanic

e)     Diesel Mechanic

4  QCTO trades Qualifications SDP1225/17/003-562 a)Occupational Trade Qualification: Plumber Level 4

b)Occupational Trade Qualification: Electrician Level 4

c)Occupational  Trade Qualification: Welder Level 4

5  MICT SETA ACC/2011/08/571 a)National Certificate: End user Computing Level 3

b)Further Education and Training: Technical Support Level 4

c)Further Education and Training: Systems Development Level 5

6  SSETA Provider approval number 9773 a) National Certificate: New Venture Creation Level 2

b) National Certificate: Project Management Level 4

c)FETC: Generic Management Level 4

d)National Certificate: Labour Relations Practice Level 5

e)GETC: Hygiene and Cleaning Level 1

7 CETA 6R65307 a) National Certificate: Roadworks Level 2

b) FETC: National Certificate: Plumbing Level 4

c)  National Certificate: Building and Civil Level 3

d) National Certificate: Community House Building Level 2

8  QCTO Occupational Qualifications (Nated) and non-trades SDP1225/17/003-562


a) Occupational Qualification: Bookkeeper Level 5

b) Occupational Qualification: Office Admin Level 5

c) Business Management N4-N6

d) Civil Engineering N4-N6

e)Electrical Engineering N4-N6

f)Farming Management N4-N6

g) Financial Management N4-N6

h)Human Resource Management N4-N6

i) Marketing Management N4-N6

j) Mechanical Engineering N4-N6

k) Public Management N4-N6

5               PSETA P21/09/14/MP532 a)Public Administration Level 3

b)Public Administration Level 4

c)Public Administration Level 5

6               MERSETA 17-QA/ACC/1445/18 a) National Certificate: Welding Application and Practice Level 2

b) National Certificate: Welding Application and Practice Level 3

c)FETC: National Certificate: Welding Application and Practice Level 4

7               AGRISETA ACC/2011/08/571 a)National Certificate: Plant Production Level 1

b) National Certificate: Plant Production Level 2

c)National Certificate: Plant Production Level 3

d)National Certificate: Plant Production Level 4

e) National Certificate: Animal Production Level 1

f)National Certificate: Animal Production Level 2

g)National Certificate: Animal Production Level 3

h)National Certificate: Animal Production Level 4

Trade Test

Forek Institute of Technology is accredited with NAMB to offer Trade test in the following Trades: Plumber, Electrician and Welder.


Forek Institute of Technology is accredited to offer the new ARPL n the following Trades: Plumber, Electrician and Welder.


We offer Apprenticeship Programme in QCTO Plumber, Electrician and Welder which is comprised of Theory, Practical and Workplace. Forek Institute has state of the art practical workshops for Apprentice simulation. A person certified as competent, via a trade test, to undertake a listed trade in accordance with relevant legislation.

Distance , Full Time ,Part Time

Forek Institute of Technology  offers online and distance learning on Short skills programmes, Apprentice and Nated qualifications that are fully accredited with relevant SETAs.

Short Courses

Our expanding offering of full/parttime/distance learning courses allows you to conveniently gain knowledge and skills in the career you love. Take the next step towards reaching your full potential with Forek Institute of Technology Short Courses which are designed to suit your specific need.

Nated Courses. (N1 – N6)

Forek Institute of Technology is an accredited DHET Exam Centre and we are also accredited with Umalusi to offer Nated Courses as outlined by the table above. Our unique approach to provide practical learning to the learners makes us the best in the market.  The Nated Engineering Courses are done using the trimester system and Business Nated uses the Semester system and all learners will be allowed to do practicals  in our workshops during training upon request.