Forek introduces its students to a more “social-side,” with our Student Representative  organising a range of cultural, sport and social activities to participate in college life where students are able to  engage as a diverse Forek Institute community. In addition to quality academics the college introduces more of social activities to Mr. & Miss Forek College as an example of an annual social event hosted by college.

Forek believes in giving back to the communities where our institutions is located. Students can get involved in a variety of community projects such as being part of the training skills  that we render in our community .

Forek Institute of Technology operates in blended learning , as we seek to optimise the student experience. We know that blended learning improves performance, results and creates more confident students who communicate better. Most importantly, a blended learning approach creates graduates who adjust much easier into the workplace.

Some of the services include and what you get :

  • Counselling and academic as well as non-academic support.
  • Career guidance.
  • Job Placement.
  • Study support, which includes assistance to students with study methods, examination preparation and time management.
  • Induction, which includes introducing new students to the campus, programmes and activities.
  • Job-hunting skills, such as how to develop a good CV and interview coaching.
  • Fully equipped computer labs (for extra practical time) and training workshops
  • A Youth Advisory Centre and Support activities.
  • Free WiFi
  • Dinning hall
  • Study area
  • Access internet until 10PM
  • One on one consultation with the Facilitators
  • Extra access at your own time
  • Sport activities